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Whew! This has been a crazy last couple of years. We first want to thank you all for being part of the AllProvide family. As we’re sure most of you have seen, we have had a website change. We are still working through some issues that arose during the migration, and hope to have everything running smoothly soon. We wanted to make a guide that would help you navigate through all the different changes:

– Password Reset: If you have not yet logged into the new website, you will need to do a password reset. You can do this by clicking “account” in the top right hand corner, then clicking the red “Lost your password?”  the login panel. This will send a password reset link to your email. If you want, you can set your password to the same one you used on our old website

– Dry Ice Fee: Our dry ice fee has increased in two ways. Firstly, our fee has gone from $4 to $6. Secondly, the fee now applies to the number of bulk (24lbs) boxes you get. 12-24 pounds = $6, 24-48 pounds = $12, 48-72 pounds $18, etc. These increased fees still do not reach the price of Dry Ice, but we have been unable to continue fully covering the increased cost. We still cover the cost of insulating material and shipping, although the Dry Ice Fee will show up as “shipping” on your cart checkout.

– Shipping Weights: Our minimum order weight has changed to 12 pounds for dog food, and 8 pounds for cat. We now also require orders to be made in 12lb (8lb for cat) increments, so that we can completely fill the box we ship your order in, and to guarantee the best thermal capacity. You can order any protein within a category (raw dog food, cooked dog food, or cat/veggie mix), but it must equal 12lbs (or 8lbs for cat). You won’t be able to order a combination of raw and cooked food, unless you order 12 (or 8 for cat) of each.

– Subscription/Recurring Orders: This option is available for everyone! You just need to select “Repeat this order every X weeks” at check out! You are able to cancel and modify your subscriptions yourself, by clicking “account” in the top right corner, then clicking “Go Subscriptions” on the left hand side. Please by aware that this option will only appear if you are logged in, and that we are unable to modify subscriptions that you create.

– Monkey’s House Donation: During checkout, you can now choose to donate to Monkey’s House Dog Hospice and Sanctuary! We donate food to Monkey’s House weekly, but there’s so much more that goes into this operation and we want to help in anyway possible. A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS ALREADY DONATED!


The AllProvide Team

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