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About Us


Each Part Nurturing A Whole.
In the pursuit of wholeness, we work with Integrative veterinarian Dr. Judy Morgan in formulating special diets that aid in dogs’ overall well-being through chosen ingredients as a part of Holistic Food Therapy.

Biodynamic Nutrition.
Biodynamic Nutrition makes a connection between the types of foods we serve our pets,
being beneficial to the different regions of the body. Not exclusively, but there may be a propensity.

In this regard, we would recommend to include an element of animal protein, fat, bones, roots, leaves, and even fruit within each meal.


Founded in 2014, AllProvide is a privately owned, small manufacturer based in Atlanta, GA. Strug- gling with the state of poor pet nutrition being sold on the market, AllProvide was created for
pet parents to access fresh, biologically appropriate, nourishing, healthy raw and gently cooked wholefood for their pets. Made in small batches, AllProvide produces nutrient-dense diets that promote pets’ overall well-being. We strive to make these diets affordable so pet parents have access to viable feeding solutions.

With AllProvide products receiving exceptional reviews, the company expanded production and has taken on a new category of pet food: Holistic Food Therapy Diets.

By taking a holistic nutritional approach to pet health, AllProvide offers a range of unique recipes. Working with veterinarian, Dr. Judy Morgan, special Constitution diets based on Eastern Medicine Food Therapy were developed to help heal, adjust, and maintain balance for pets optimal health.

AllProvide prioritizes wholefood ingredients and avoids rendering, harsh chemicals or processing techniques. Sustainability is vital to us. We carefully select ingredients from humane farms and nat- ural resources. Committed to providing the highest quality food for pets and supporting pet health, AllProvide is dedicated to delivering holistic food therapy diets for all pets.



Dennis Boecker
Founder, Owner and CEO

Dennis’s mission of offering simple and fresh wholefoods to pet parents everywhere has fallen on his years of experience in leading, building, and managing this high-growth perishable consum-
er pet food company out of Atlanta, GA. As a steward of animal welfare, Dennis’s vision is for pet well-being, sustainability, and developing fresh products that help improve pet lives and the health of our planet.

Dennis lives between his yacht in San Diego and home in Atlanta with his rescue bait dog, Kona. Kona was adopted out of Baja Dog Rescue and is a daily visitor at the company office where he gets much love and affection from all.

Les Fisher
Partner and COO

Les has been with AllProvide since the company’s launch in 2014. Les works with AllProvide partners, and manages the day-to-day operations. He is also involved in formulation, research, product development, and working with farms. HACCP and PCQI certified, Les has developed all safety as well as manufacturing procedures for the company.

With a deep interest in alternative natural remedies, Les is a lifelong advocate of pet welfare.

He lives in Atlanta with his rescue dog, Bonnie, who is also a daily visitor and meeting contributor at the office and can be seen wearing fashionable attire many times on our social media.


We take a holistic 360° approach, understanding that proper nutrition plays a vital role in pets overall health and vitality. Following the practice of Eastern Medicine Food Therapy, our diets are formulated by Dr. Judy Morgan, to help heal, adjust and maintain ideal balance in pet nutrition and health. The first line of defense is with biological feeding, creating nourishing, healthy raw and gently cooked cleanfood for pets. We produce fresh, nutrient-dense diets that promote pets overall well-being, and strive to make these diets affordable. 

By taking a holistic nutritional approach to pet health, AllProvide offers a range of unique recipes. We prioritize wholefood ingredients and carefully select ingredients from humane farms and natural resources.