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Monkey's House

Here at Allprovide we truly believe in the overall well being of our pets, which is the main reason for us being here! We are huge supporters of Monkey’s House because they believe they same!

Monkey’s House provides loving care to homeless dogs with terminal diagnoses. They use an integrative approach to palliative and hospice care, focusing on optimum wellness thru nutrition, exercise, and veterinary care. Monkey’s House mission is to provide a peaceful and loving environment for the short remainder of their time here before crossing over the Rainbow Bridge.

Whether it’s taking the dogs to the beach in the Monkey’s House bus, AKA Wagon One, or holding one in their final moments, Monkey’s House dogs know they are loved and will never be forgotten. You can find Monkey’s House Dog Hospice on Facebook to follow their journey!

Monkey’s House is a 501(c)3 volunteer-based operation and needs your donation to continue providing genuine loving care. If you would like to donate click here.